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Atticair has been rendering the most reliable and professional fireplace and chimney services. Our company is built with a greater passion for ensuring that each home has an appropriately functioning fireplace. We have made it our mission to offer the highest amount of care and services to all our customers. Our certified technicians have a lot of knowledge and skills to diagnose, repair, and Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning services. Connect with us today and allow us to handle all your chimney needs.

Is There a Difference Between Chimney Sweeping & Chimney Cleaning?

Chimney Cleaning and Sweeping

Chimney cleaning and sweeping are the terms used interchangeably; however, are they the same thing? Technically, it is not so, as it is never possible to get your chimney spotlessly cleaned. Chimney functions to guide the toxic chemicals and smoke out of your home, and there is always some amount of soot left even after a fresh sweep.

chimney Professionals

Due to this, chimney professionals use the term sweeping since it would precisely describe whatever we are doing. We use tactics and tools like brushes to sweep off the load of dirt and soot whenever possible.

Sweeping Job

At Atticair, we know that several homeowners are referring to the process as cleaning. It is fine; however, we will prevent you from getting mixed up with the terminologies. We know whatever you mean whether you ask for a cleaning or a sweeping job whenever scheduling your appointment as we have got you covered at all times.

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"The air duct cleaning service from Atticair improved my allergies dramatically. Breathing easier now! Their professionalism and results are impressive."

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"Attic insulation by Atticair made a noticeable difference. My AC doesn't have to work as hard, and the indoor air feels fresher. Highly recommend!"

Mark Mechanical Engineer

"I had my doubts, but Atticair's attic insulation truly transformed my home. My energy bills are down, and the house is so cozy now. Thanks, Atticair!"

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Professional Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning Solutions

Atticair is the one-stop destination rendering effective chimney cleaning and sweeping services in Houston. Our team of highly skilled technicians is dedicated to offering effective services and robust customer support. We have attained huge recognition for the quality work we deliver and sound customer service as we stay committed to maintaining the amount of excellence that comes with every job. We know the essence of cleaning, and we are here to offer the services that you need to keep your home comfortable and safe.

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Trusted & Reliable

We render the most reliable chimney sweeping & cleaning job to several satisfied customers in and around Houston.


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We are highly trained professionals backed with vast experience in chimney repair, sweeping, and maintenance.


Fully Insured

Guaranteed cleaning and repair services to your chimneys.


Competitive Rates

You can rely on and hire Atticair as we render premium-grade services at competitive prices.


Customer Satisfaction

Our chimney cleaning company is highly rated on Google with thousands of satisfied customers.

Chimney Sweeping & Cleaning Services

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Chimney Cleaning

While the weather turns cold, nothing comes near to the warmth and the ambiance created by the fireplace, gas fireplace, or wood stove. But, ensuring you avail an enjoyable and safer fire experience would involve regular chimney sweep services to reduce the build up of creosote and reduce the chances of any accidental fire outbreak. At Atticair our qualified chimney sweeps would offer extensive cleaning and inspection jobs for the maintenance of the optimal performance of the chimneys. We offer a vast array of professional chimney sweeping & cleaning services that would meet your needs. Our certified sweeps can offer complete cleanings, inspections, and maintenance jobs that will help keep your chimney in the best condition.

Chimney Repair

If your chimney has cracked mortar, damaged chimney flashing, or chipped bricks, then water might start leaking into your home from this leaky chimney. Chimneys are subject to deterioration due to constant exposure to the elements, including snow, rain, and hail. Regular maintenance of the chimneys can help prevent this kind of damage, deterioration, and future expenses related to chimney repairs.

Chimney Leaks

Your chimney and the fireplace are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements such as the wind, rain, and snow. As the masonry chimneys are made out of clay that absorbs water, they tend to expand and contract during the thaw and freeze cycles of the winter, leading to the bricks and mortar cracking. With time, the rough weather conditions would lead to further deterioration of the chimney with a leak where water starts entering your home.

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