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Why Are Chimney Inspections Important?

The outside and inside, as well as any parts of your wood stove or fireplace that are within reach, will be thoroughly examined by an expert. Their chimney inspection TX will include checking for creosote and other flammable deposits and the integrity of the building and flue. 

If it’s important, you can also get your chimney’s hidden parts checked. But to get to the places needing inspecting, you’ll have to take down parts like the chimney cap or an internal wall. This sort of inspection is usually saved for when chimney repair is already on the table, as it may involve removing attached parts of your chimney that will have to be replaced.

Fireplaces and wood stoves are popular in winter, so get your chimney inspected in spring to correct any problems before you start building fires. 

Reasons for A Chimney Inspection TX

Chimney inspection TX help identify repair needs

Unless there is obvious damage to the chimney or you are experiencing signs of a more serious issue, you may not realise it needs repair. It needs immediate attention if that’s the case. 

However, what appears to be small harm is important. For example, carbon monoxide can seep into your home if the masonry is missing, loose, or damaged. No matter how little, any quantity of damaged masonry requires prompt repair. 

You may learn about your alternatives and get a clear picture of the situation with a chimney inspection TX. For example, a new chimney liner, a thorough cleaning, or tuckpointing may be necessary. 

If there is any creosote buildup in your chimney or flue, inspecting it can reveal any hidden problems. The fact that someone you hired to sweep the floor didn’t finish the task would be noticed. On the other hand, a professional chimney sweep will find the uncleaned spots that you missed. Creosote is extremely combustible and dangerous when it builds up, thus it’s crucial to clear it thoroughly. 

 A major fire hazard is creosote buildup

When you use a wood stove or fireplace to burn wood, creosote builds up in the chimney or flue. These deposits accumulate over time, creating thick layers that can catch fire at high enough temperatures due to creosote’s flammability. Whether you’re utilising a brick-built traditional fireplace or a wood-burning stove with a metal flue or chimney makes no difference. Every surface is susceptible to creosote buildup, and chimneys are no exception. Regular chimney inspection TX is essential. 

Someone once told me that if you build flames that reach temperatures of 250 degrees Fahrenheit, creosote won’t have an opportunity to accumulate; thus, you don’t have to sweep your chimney. Despite the merits of this idea, it is impossible to know the temperature inside your chimney or even to examine it visually. Dependence on this method is risky because it is impossible to tell if it is effective. 

However, burning only dry, well-seasoned wood is an active way to decrease creosote buildup. Always season firewood before burning it, whether you purchase it already seasoned or cut it from a forest. 

Keep the wood dry, stack it airtight, and let it season for a bit longer after purchasing it if you want to know its moisture content, or you may use an instrument. 

 A fire extinguisher isn’t going to make you feel safe

Do not put off cleaning your chimney because you believe that you can quickly put out a fire with your fire extinguisher. You’d need to climb a ladder to the roof to extinguish the fire from above. This is likely going to be very challenging for the majority of individuals. You might be able to accomplish the task physically, but you might be scared of heights or don’t have a ladder. You should not put off calling a service for chimney inspection TX because you feel safe doing it yourself. 

Maintaining a Clear Chimney 

Leaves, sticks, and even nests from animals can choke your chimney, just like they do your home’s gutters. Using your fireplace could cause a chimney fire if debris has accumulated within. Carbon monoxide exposure can also occur due to a clogged chimney. If an animal or other obstruction is blocking your chimney, a professional sweep can remove it. 


Ensure your fireplace and chimney are in good working order by using our services for chimney inspection TX. To provide vital insights into chimney care, the professionals at Atticair use state-of-the-art technology to do a comprehensive inspection.  We give you the lowdown on your fireplace and chimney system right now and teach you how to keep it in good working order. To prioritise your safety, we will only clean (sweep) your chimney when necessary and per NFPA 211 guidelines. If you care about the safety of your property, you should not delay having your chimney inspected

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